John Milich

A man of infinite brain.

He would assail the unassailable.  No challenge or adventure was too big.

For him, anything could be accomplished, it just needed to be figured out.

From mountain peaks to deep seas to giant metal spirals, nothing was out of his reach.

He would assess the situation, solve the problem, create the solution, build the result and enlighten the world.

With education and achievement in physics, biology, English and design, he was a true Renaissance man.

As chef, photographer, motorcyclist, world traveler, inventor, blues aficionado, true audiophile, gear head, and whiskey connoisseur, he expanded upon that role exponentially.

He had an enthusiasm for all that life held.

If you happened to ask about where rain comes from, or why is the car making that noise, or to summarize quantum physics, he would be more than happy to elaborate.  There were very few questions he did not know the answers to and if not, he would find out.  Because he wanted to know.

When solving a problem or describing a solution, he would educate, not just present an answer.  He wanted others to understand and learn as well. And he was just as avid a pupil as a professor – constantly learning and growing, on the cutting edge of trends and ideas, always expanding his horizons.

The world is a lesser place for his passing.